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The subtle art of not giving a f%#!

I thought I'd share this book&Netflix film

I was recommended it and wasn't disappointed!

From my perspective, this isn't really about not giving a f#%! But it is about taking responsibility for your actions, living life in line with your values, acceptance and letting go.

It really is ok to care so much about something that you are scared it isn't going to work out, but it isn't ok to not try because of the fear of failure, loss, guilt, shame or rejection. Life is about striving for what you want despite those things, they might happen, but they might not either.

This aligns powerfully with a CBT/REBT course I have participated in for the last few months. Albert Ellis was very much of the thinking that it is not what's happened to us; it's how we think about the event and choose how we to do afterwards; this is what is referred to as emotional responsibility. For most, this can be a bitter pill to swallow, but when you do, the future is bright.

We all have choices; just think would a 100 people have the same response as you to a situation? How long is long enough to carry that rock 🪨 in your rucksack? Is there another way of thinking?

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