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How Does the Saying "Neurons that Fire Together, Wire Together" Relate to Addiction?

Neurons firing in the brain

🧠✨ "Neurons that fire together, wire together." This catchy phrase, first coined by Donald Hebb in 1949, helps us understand why some behaviours are so hard to break. Every time you think, feel, or do something, thousands of neurons in your brain light up and connect. These connections form networks, and the more you activate them, the stronger they become.

So, when you repeat a behaviour, like using a substance, the involved neurons keep connecting, strengthening that behaviour's neural circuit. This makes it more likely that the behaviour will continue. It's like a path in a forest that gets deeper and more defined every time it's walked on.

Understanding this can empower us to change our habits by forming new, healthier neural connections. It's not easy, but with support and persistence, change is possible. Let's rewire our brains together! 💪🧡

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