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Image of Life Coach Nicola Griffiths at the Live Life Happy Therapy office, located on the border between Derbyshire and Staffordshire

Life Coaching

The best time for new beginning is now

Live Life Happy Therapy

The truth is that some people feel stuck, yet they struggle with pinpointing precisely what it is; others know exactly what they don’t want but are unsure of how to get what they do, and then there are some who know exactly what they do want but somethings blocking them from moving forwards.

Life coaching gives you the support and guidance to find your own way forward. My aim isn’t to order you around or make decisions on your behalf. Instead, I’ll help you identify your goals and priorities, before giving you the strength and courage to move forward. I know you have it in you!

I have helped many people reach new levels of happiness and fulfilment through my life coaching – and I want to do exactly the same for you.

Book a free, no-obligation 30-minute phone or Zoom consultation.

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